Web Developer & Designer based in Sydney.

I mostly work with back-end technologies such as PHP, I can also work in the front-end using JavaScript and mobile-friendly designs

Got a question?

Feel free to get in touch or try my virtual assistant that’s powered by OpenAI, just keep in mind that the virtual assistant is not human and may not always fully understand your question or be able to provide accurate information

Hi, I'm Eric's virtual assistant, feel free to ask me any questions

I Work With

From Web Development to networking and System Administration, i can work across a broad range of enviroments

Setting up VLANs & VRF on a Cisco Catalyst 9200POE+


VLANs act as logical segmentation within our network, letting us group our device(s) based on their functionality or department requirements. In this lab, we’ll use…

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TCP/IP and OSI layers


Both the OSI and TCP/IP models provide a framework for understanding networking, there are some key differences, between them. The OSI Model has seven distinct…

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Network Scanning with Nmap


Nmap is a powerful tool for network exploration and security auditing. It can be used for various tasks, such as host discovery, port scanning, OS…

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